Loving Sasha – The Word Burn Starts With a “D”

I can’t believe it’s been so long
Since you’ve been gone
It’s been a while now
Our father’s day seems like an empty box
And we can’t seem to move on
Does it make you happy knowing we are not around?
Does it put a smile on your face?

Take a shower in kerosene
Light a match and put yourself in
So you can burn, burn, burn
Like you know you should
You sucker

Another night another day
That I don’t see your face
My mom has seem to forgive you
So why are you still away?

It’s not that I don’t care
Is that I don’t get this at all
“A man was born” he said, “then I shall leave his live in one second”
So you must live for yourself you must act for yourself
Cause no one else deserves your memory
So pick this up and move on…

No one else deserves your memory
Aside from you, just take this into heart
Take this and move on