Loving Sasha ft. A.J Perdomo – Its All About…

(Eo Eo)
Back we were young and we were invincible
No one could bring us down
The fort we built was too strong (too strong)
Back when we could make a fool of our selves
And no one really cared
The nights we spent just having fun

Now all of this ground has lost its color
Now our fort is down
Our memories live forever
Best moments only last until we stop them

We were the kings of the castles
Our army would never give up
Nothing could stop, (stop, Stop)
Stop us then
We had the horses the queens
We had no money just love
And nothing could stop (stop,stop)
Stop us then
Back when we were young

It’s all about not letting the kid inside you die
She said to me our memories will last a life time (a life time)
We live with lives that we’ve built
So take your time to feel what you should feel
I’ll never grow up (I’ll never grow up)
These memories we’ve made, won’t escape me
(It’s all about not letting the kid inside you die)